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How to become a Title Insurance Agent in Florida?

Updated: Apr 9

Becoming a Title Insurance Agent in Florida is an exciting and fruitful career. You need to become licensed to have your title insurance agency. The good news is that the process is simple and you can get your license after the following requisites in no time.

1) Meet the Requirements

a. Over the age of 18

b. U.S. Citizen or legal alien with a work authorization from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services

c. Resident of the state of Florida; can not hold a resident license in another state.

Licensed attorneys in Florida who are in good standing with the Florida Bar are exempt from having to obtain a title insurance license.

2) Mandatory Prerequisite(s) Education

a. Successfully completed mandatory training which consists of 40 hours of state-approved classroom training within four years of submitting your application. You can find a course provider at the Florida Division of Financial Services in this link. OR Completed at least one year within the last 4 years of responsible title insurance duties while working for a title agency, title agent, title insurer or an attorney. If you are in the states of Florida or Alabama, The Koogler Group offers in-person and online course to satisfy this requirement.

b. After the course, you are required to pass the Florida state title insurance exam provided at PearsonVue center, in this link. A passing score is valid for one year. If you don’t complete your license application within this time frame, you will have to retake the exam.

c. Obtain a candidate handbook first. If you would like to view the breakdown of an examination, you may view the examination content outline. Other exam information is provided by PearsonVue on their website.

3) Apply for a license.

a. Apply for a license with Florida Division of Financial Services through this link and begin making your profile.

b. Pay Application Fees

4) Email proof of prerequisite to:

Note: Some designation course providers will automatically send the Bureau proof within 21 days of your passing date.

5) Fingerprints

a. The state outsources fingerprint services through IdentoGo. Floida does not accept fingerprint results from other vendors or states.

6) Get License

a. The Department of Financial Services will send you license approval by email as soon as it receives a passing examination result from PearsonVue.

7) Title Insurance Agents must complete continuing education requirements of s.626.2815 bi-annually by the end of licensee’s birth month.

Start in the right track a budget for your new title insurance company.

Get your Title Agent Annual Budget here

Once you acquired your license the possibilities are endless. Come back to us at Title Aid to assist you with the 3-Way escrow reconciliation and satisfied ALTA's best practices Separation of Duties.


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