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outsourced remote Bookkeeping Services

​3-way reconciliation
Escrow Bank Account reconciliation

We specialized in the preparation of Escrow Three-Way Reconciliation for Real Estate Title Agents, Attorneys, Developers, and Project Management among other professions that have a fiduciary responsibility to properly safeguard and accurately account for all funds entrusted by their clients. We have also assist title insurance underwriters with audits and ensuring compliance from signed title agents. 


We provide the monthly 3-way escrow bank account reconciliation comprehensive reports which accurately identify each of your client's balances, shortages, and stale outstanding transactions, fraud prevention while complying with regulations and the Best Practices code. 


We are proficient with popular closing software including Quickbooks, Qualia, SoftPro Trust, LandTech, Double Time, Closer's Choice, eClosing, Title Express, RamQuest, Rynoh, AgentNet, ResWare.  Learn More

bookkeeping services

Get accurate and detailed financial reports every month to help you make the right decisions to achieve your business financial goals.  


Bank Account Reconciliations 

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Inventory Management

Data Entry

Bill Payments

Client Invoicing

Payroll Forms


Having a blueprint of your business's financial goals is essential to assure your success. We provide you with comprehensive reports and analysis briefings customized specially for your business industry pointing on the weaknesses and strengths to strategize the path towards your objectives in a smart method. All in simple and straight forward language.

Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss


Cash Flow

Pricing Analysis

Scenarios Analysis

Net Worth Statement

Custom Reports

Bank Account Reconciliation Softwares

We have vast experience working with all major accounting and eCommerce platforms and software. We can assist you in setting up your chart of accounts, inventory, vendors, customers' data, and more.  




Double Time


Wix Shop


and more...


Outsourcing your accounting tasks can save you time and money! But perhaps you want to maintain your daily accounting activity in-house.


We offer remote one on one customized training for your staff together with monthly support. 

frequent ask questions

How does pricing work?

Initial complimentary assessment of your business logistics, needs, and financial goals. Then we will recommend the most time and cost-effective accounting services to strive for your objectives. Bank reconciliations are based on monthly bank statement cleared transactions.

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is my business bind with a contract service?

No, our services are month to month basis. We understand the uniqueness of each business. Our goal is to become an extra engine that drives your business to success. We customize the accounting services you need depending on your business's financial objectives.

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What is the process of exchanging documentation?

We make it easy for you. It’s your choice if you wish to send us the documentation to the process by email, sign up to our portal to upload your documents in pdf format, or we can sign in remotely to your network. For remote access, we recommend encrypted secured platforms like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, RemotePC, Secure Connect, Cintrix.

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How is my information confidentially secured?

We take this top-notch. We don’t share any of your business or personal information to any third parties. All of our email correspondence, website portal and any medium of communication we use we make sure is SSL and encrypted. You can also read our Private Policy and Terms of Services for additional information.

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What industries have you worked for?

Real Estate Title Companies, Attorneys, Retailers in a variety of products and services, eCommerce, Food & Beverage, Realtors, Trust Companies, Developers, Advertising Company, and Independent contractors among others.

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What software do you use?

We can integrate with what you are using now or we can use our own accounting software to process your books.  We are experienced with a vast of popular accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Wave Accounting, SoftPro, DoubleTime, Landtech, DisplaySoft, and eClosing, Qualia, Landtech, AgentNet, among others.

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Is support included? Can I ask questions?

Yes! You can reach us anytime. Think of us as an extension of your business. We are committed to assisting you with understanding and providing all the financial tools you need to make your business a success.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Free Phone Consultation

We are happy to discuss your business financial goals. A specialist will contact you within 24 hrs.  

Book now a Phone Consultation

Personalized Attention

We are available to discuss your business financial concerns and goals. We are committed to focus, listen, and analyze your objectives in order to present you with the most efficient solutions to succeed. 
We speak English & Spanish



We are up to date with accounting and businesses regulations and technologies to serve your business with valuable resources and security. 

Faster Processing Times

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